So, less than a month until LFCC and we’re prepping like crazy here at Blood/Sugar HQ. We’ve had a slight hiccup though and we need your help, can you help us fund A&FFSS (something Pudding is doing in her non-cosplay life) and LFCC by buying our old cosplays, you can check them out here:



And if none of those take your fancy, you can also help out by donating to the [DNFTA] crowdfunding campaign: http://bloomvc.com/project/DNFTA-Does-Allergy-and-Free-From-Show-South-2014-2 

Please, please help us out of a tight spot! 


Allergies & Cosplay: Event Passes, Wristbands & Hand Stamps

A topic about wristbands on the MCM Expo Facebook Page pinged up on the Blood/Sugar radar because a few people expressed the difficulties they have with wearing them and one person said that they have to wear a glove & put ice under theirs to help relieve the allergic reaction they get from these seemingly innocuous strips of plastic!

Now, I had to take a break from Expos for a bit from October 2010 due to being really, really sick and didn’t return until May 2013 which was my first encounter with the new wristband system at MCM Expos (which I understand are now called “Comic Cons” also). Within 2 minutes of having the wristband put on, the area under it became itchy and red, but I thought I was just because of the sharp edges making my dermographism flare up, but, within 3 minutes my entire arm was red and within 4 minutes it had started to swell up and felt like it was burning. By the time I’d had it on for 5 minutes, I’d had to be cut out of it by one of the Expo officials (the 2nd one I asked as the first one apparently wasn’t “allowed” to make that decision or use scissors on me or something). It took an hour and a couple of antihistamines before my arm went back to normal. I was offered a hand stamp as an alternative, but I am also allergic to the ink they use for them; so, the Expo official who cut me out of the wristband signed my booking form and wrote an explanation on it for me to show instead of a stamp or wristband.

When I got to the door, showed my signed form and explained myself why I had no wristband or hand stamp I was again offered a hand stamp. I think I just started blankly at the attendant in question before again explaining that I could not be hand stamped and probably showed them my angry, red arm as well. They did let me in though eventually. After the first couple of times of repeating this each time I wanted to enter the main hall they started to get the picture, but it was frustrating at first. Then, on the second day, when I’d got the door all sorted out, two supposed Expo “security” (they refused to show me sufficent ID, had no walkie-talkies or staff t-shirts, so I am not convinced of their legitimacy) were going around selling wristbands and stamps in order to chase off anyone who was “loser-con-ing” (totes the technical term btw). They refused to believe me and aggressively tried to make me buy a second ticket and could not grasp the concept of being allergic to the hand stamp ink. However, I held my ground and told them to go ask the official who signed it if they didn’t believe me because I was absolutely not endangering my health for them, which did get rid of them but in Terminator style I was told that they would “be back”. They were not, but it still really annoyed me that I was being treated like a liar and a criminal just because of my stupid, dumb body’s rejection of all things chemical.

So, I decided that I was absolutely not ever going through that hassle again ever and came up with a card that can be signed by the ticketing officials at events which use wristbands and hand stamps and placed in a id card pouch or badge holder like this one (I got it in blue myself) with the wristband or stamp. Just order a holder and lanyard or safety pin and print off my DNFTA Allergy Aware Event Card (pdf in link or jpg image below). And if you want to know what the heck a [DNFTA] is anyway, go to www.dnfta.co.uk & see what I’m up to in my non-cosplay life…

DNFTA Allergy Aware Event Card

Take care all you fellow itchy beggars out there,



DeeCon 2014 the Aftermath

10154132_10154029654815204_8577095896992027258_n  20140405_154754

20140405_154736 20140405_154903

Thanks for a fabulous DeeCon to all committee, staff & attendees. Raine (Lady Thor) & Pudding (Rose Lalonde) are both thoroughly shattered now. Special thanks to our lovely guest Alanna who came to help us out today too! Hope everyone else had fun as well. Best DeeCon yet, looking forward to next year already! ;D xxx

Deecon 2014: Blood/Sugar Special Guest

Alanna Buchart The Tigers Bride Illustration

With 6 days to go until Dee-conn, we are super-excited to announce that a special guest will be joining us to help out with the stall &  Cosplay Repair Station: fantastically talented Illustrator & 3D Annimator, Alanna Buchart! Why not like her facebook page or check out her website. She’ll also be selling some of her fabulous prints on the day, so be sure to come along & buy some! 😀

Alanna Buchart GoT Fanart Alanna Buchart Breaking Bad Fanart

DeeCon 2014


9 Days until Deecon & counting! Blood/Sugar are very pleased to announce that they will be attending once again as dealers, with the added bonus of running the debut of our Travelling Cosplay Repair Station (details coming soon)!


Doki Doki Festival, 9th November, Manchester

Nov 2013 New Branding BloodSugar Cosplay copy

As mentioned in our previous post, Blood/Sugar’s Zomboi and Pudding will be attending Doki Doki Festival with our excellent selections of preloved costumes, handmade jewellery and other wonderful treats. We’re running a bit of a lucky dip/contest this time as well to win some fantastic steampunk inspired prizes. Remember those lucky bags you used to get as a kid? Well, Blood/Sugar is bringing those to Doki Doki with a bit of a nerdy twist! 😉

Unfortunately spookyhoose will no-longer be joining us and they have decided that after two years of trading at Dee/DoJ-con (and via Blood/Sugar at other events) that, due to a change in career path, they will not be making any further jewellery. However, Pudding will be making sure that the remainder of spooky hoose’s stock is made-up and ready for a fantastic closing down sale at events throughout 2014. These products will now be super-limited edition, so get ’em while you can as once they’re gone, they’re gone!

And here’s Doki Doki’s Press Release for more info if you’re interested in attending yourselves:


On Saturday 9th November 2013, Manchester is hosting the second Doki Doki – The Manchester Japanese Festival, a unique event celebrating both traditional and modern Japanese culture. Throughout the day, there will be talks, demonstrations, parades and other events showcasing art, fashion, martial arts, film, music, games and other aspects of Japanese culture, past and present, as well as retail stalls and artist stands. Hot and cold Japanese food and drink will also be available to festival-goers.

The proceeds from various events at the festival will be donated to Aid for Japan, a charity which provides long-term support for orphans of the 2011 Tohoku disaster in Japan.

The festival will run from 10am to 7pm at Sugden Sports Centre, situated just off Oxford Road, in the student quarter. It will be followed by a cosplay after-party, from 9pm to 2am at The Zoo nightclub, over the road from the festival venue.

There is no age limit to attend the festival, but anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a paying parent or guardian ? the child will get in for free. The after-party is 18+ only.

Tickets cost £10 in advance and £15 on the day. Discounted family tickets are also available.

For further information about the festival and to buy tickets, please visit : www.dokidokifestival.com

News for Summer/Autumn 2013

Ayacon Apocalypse has been and gone, the last of the best con we have ever been to, sad times. But we’re looking forward to seeing what events succeed it and, of course Auchinawa 2014! As Amecon is not running next year after all, we’re going to try a few  events we’ve never been to (perhaps Hyper Japan? We haven’t decided yet…) before. The first Glasgow Expo was enjoyed by Raine and Zomboi who went, despite the rediculous queues; Pudding has decided to take a break from Expos for the forseeable future due to difficulties with mobility, general health and allergies to their wristbands and handstamps, etc. making it more trouble than it’s worth to attend them (stupid allergies) for the time being.

As for events we’re attending as dealers, well, as you may have noticed, we were not at LFCC 2013 after all, due to work commitments and health issues, we ended up having to pull out of it in May/June time, but we will be going in 2014! The next event we’ll have a stall at is Doki Doki Fesival in Manchester on the 9th of November. We have a few to look forward to in 2014 as well (super organised, lol).

Doki Doki - The Manchester Japanese Festival

The website has a had a bit of a re-vamp today, courtesy of Pudding & we have a fabulous new logo designed by Nickel! (See below.) The media pages are now up-to-date, but our gallery is in need of an overhaul and we have a back-log of pictures from DoJ-Con onwards to deal with and upload to photobucket. Our online/admin team will be working our way through those throughout November and December, so that we start the new year and the 2014 con-season all caught up and ready to go! 🙂