Ayacon Cosplay Update, Take 2…

With about a week to go, what are our entrepid cosplayers up to today?

Shae is rolling around the floor considering if he wants a cup of tea or not, Pudding is ordering about 500 glue sticks and Raine still hasn’t finished her lantern. Bad Raine.

So, we told you earlier what our Masquerade entry costumes were, but what about the rest of the con? It wouldn’t do to be naked after all.

Well, we are doing the following:

Three whole Vocaloid costumes, ranging from Matroyushka, through Love Coloured Ward, to Halloween Meltic Dream. With, you guessed it, twins Shae and Puds as twins Len and Rin and Raine-nii-chan as big brother Kaito.

Going Di-di-digital… Raine and Shae venture forth into the digital realm as Digidestined (Matt and TK respectively) and battle the ruthless Pudding as Ladydevimon. That’s right, it’s a bit of oldskool Digimon time for Blood/Sugar.

And last, but by no means least, X-Men: First Class. Booyah! With Raine as villianous Azazel, hold onto your panties girls, he has magical poof powers. ;P projectXshae will be fulfilling the role of King of Cardigans, Professor X and Pudding will be The Master of Turtlenecks, Magneto.

Expect many hijinks and much hilarity from the three of us at Aya, if you see us around, come over and say hi. We won’t bite… much.

(Also, may it be noted that both projectXshae and Pudding have lost a lot of weight since Auchi ’10 and are VERY proud.)



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