Year of the Dragon Update!

Soooo, what have Blood/Sugar been up to since Ayacon? A lot has happened and we’ve still not quite made it all the way through editing/uploading all the photos and video footage. All the photos we took around and about the con, of cosplayers and the masquerade can be found on our Photobucket account, here! Videos will be finished and uploaded to Youtube shortly.

You may have noticed that projectXshae has changed his name to Zomboi as he felt it a better fit, so from now on he will be referred to as Zomboi in all post-2011 posts.

Both Zomboi and Pudding have been super busy with starting a new college course and re-starting their honours’ year at uni respectively. Raine has been out in the big bad world of work as usual and all three have started to take on more commissions. So get in touch if you need anything made and we’ll give you a quote. đŸ™‚

We are all regged and booked up for Kitacon in April, about which we are all very excited. Cosplays are about 90% confirmed, but some shuffling about may inevitably occur between now and then. It is, by and large, Homestuck-con for us, however (and our lovely sugar-cube Ratchett). Further con plans tbc, though Amecon is in the “to sort out asap” pile.

Further news to follow when we have some for y’all. Peace, love and happy rainbow sparkles until then!



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