Amecon & Kitacon 2012

So Kita has come and gone. Our photos from our awesome adventures can be found here.

We have all been very busy with college/graduation, etc. so we’ve not been hugely active on the cosplay front until the last fortnight. We’ve got Amecon all booked, so very excited for that. As always, there may be the odd change here and there to plans, but we will be cosplaying the following things (all going to plan).

Zomboi & Pudding’s ‘big’ cosplays for Ame will be Loki/Lady Loki (Avengers Assemble), whilst Raine’s is Lillith from Darkstalkers. Homestuck will be making another brief appearance with Zomboi as Grand Highblood and Puds as Imperial Condesce. Raine will be showing her love of Disney and Volcaloid as the Madams Medusa, Mim and Miku… whilst Puds and Zomboi will be remaking their Oglaf cosplays: can you say Rubbish Tiger? Why yes we can!



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