New Recruit & Amecon 2012!

As of Amecon 2012 we’d proudly like to announce that X’amd has, after cosplaying with us on-and-off since 2007, become an official member of Blood/Sugar Cosplay. We are so happy and excited about this! Welcome X’amd! 😀

We had a lot of fun at Amecon, though none of us ended up in the masquerade for a change. Some costumes were dropped or rearranged because Raine got a job (congrats!) and didn’t have time to finish some of hers and Pudding had a serious Anaphylactic attack in the wee small hours of Sunday morning, so didn’t cosplay at all on Sunday and never made it to the Ame ball or closing party sadly. Though everyone else had an absolute blast dressed as Darkstalkers’ gorgeous Morrigan (X’amd) and beautiful Lillith (Raine) and the devious Morriarty from BBC’s Sherlock (Zomboi).

Most of our photos can be found, as always, on our photobucket:

Our costumes list will be update shortly, depending on when Pudding’s feeling up to it and has some free time.



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