Year of the Black Water Snake Update: Spooky Hoose & Convention Plans 2013

After our first foray into being dealers at Dee-con 2012, we are planning to branch out and test the waters further as “proffeshunal bizniz persons lul”. So, we’ve applied for a table at DoJ-con 2013 (previously Dee-con) and are hoping to hear by the end of the month whether they’ll have us back or not. 🙂 We’re also looking into booking tables at a number of other events throughout the year; including Sunnycon 2 in March and DokiDoki Festival in November.



We’re going to be collaborating with the fantastic Spooky Hoose (pictured, their shop is currently under construction, but will be up-and-running some time during 2013) at these events, either sharing table space or selling products for each other if one or t’other of us can’t attend the same events. Whilst we may not be doing this in 2013, certainly we hope to start working together on a small range of products as well; sharing expertise, equipment and skills. You may have noticed that Spooky Hoose’s owner looks suspiciously like Pudding wearing a fabulously luxuriant beard… this would be because he is in fact her brother; he is often embarrassed by this fact (especially when she is running around the house wearing her Rubbish Tiger cape), but that’s what big sisters are for. ;P

Expect these and other similar banners (still working on a colour scheme for the joint banner) to be popping up on the dealers pages of a few sites in the not-too-distant future:

bsdealerbanner 2013

bs sh banner card 2013 3 bs sh banner card 2013 2 bs sh banner card 2013 copy bs sh banner card 2013 v2 copy  bs sh banner card 2013 v3 bs sh banner card 2013 v2 bloody

As plain attendees, Blood/Sugar will deffinately be going to Ayacon’s last hurrah in August and at least some of us are hoping to go to May and/or October Expo. Once more information about Glasgow Comic Con/Memorabillia is released we are also thinking of attending it.

We’ll make a more informed announcement about things once we’ve actually booked things though! Hope everyone had a great Christmas/other Yuletide holiday and New Year and that 2013 proves to be a good year! 🙂



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