Sunny-Con A Go-Go!

With Sunnycon fast approaching (this weekend!) the Blood/Sugar team are very excited to be there. As usual, we’ve ended up with more than a few changes to the cosplay roster. We are now (mostly) packed and have definite plans:

Cardcaptor Sakura Gym Uniforms – Saturday – Raine as Sakura & Pudding as Tomoyo/Madison

Homestuck Beta Kids – Saturday – Nickel as Jade Harley & Zomboi as Dave Strider

Homestuck Alpha Kids – Sunday – Zomboi as Jake English, Pudding as Roxy Lalonde & Nickel as Jade Crocker

Barbie & The Rockers – Sunday – Raine as Barbie

And of course Zomboi & Pudding’ competition entry cosplay which are still a surprise (we hope a nice one).

Unfortunately spooky hoose has had to pull out at the last minute, but we will still have some of their fantastic  Keyrings to sell and there will be opportunities for you to purchase from their store when it comes online later this year and at other events including DOJ-Con, LFCC & Doki Doki Festival.

Because of this Blood/Sugar will have  a special guest cosplay staff member, Angelphie who has very kindly stepped in on short notice to help us out. Thank you Angie, you’re aces! 😀



2 thoughts on “Sunny-Con A Go-Go!

  1. I thought you were being barbie from the rockstars, i watched that about a month before the con for a trip down memory lane but i was worried about affending you if it wasn’t Barbie haha, it was great though.


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