DOJ-con 2013

Blood/Sugar Cosplay will be attending DOJ-Con this weekend at the University of Dundee Union. Come find us in the artists’ alley downstairs in Mono and say hi! Our stall will be well-stocked with preloved costumes, wigs, manga, figures and accessories. Raine has also made a number of gorgeous Tsunami Kanzashis and Pudding has created a collection of fairytale inspired lockets, which will be onsale alongside our other wares.

This time spooky hoose will have their own stall, though we will be stocking their products again at LFCC (and a few new surprises besides) so don’t forget to visit them as well for fantastic lasercut goodies!

We’ll be cosplaying as usual, with the majority of the team in one of our favourites’ Hamsteak… er, Homestuck, with another Beta Kids group: Zomboi and Nickel reprising their roles as Dave and Jade, and Pudding switching from John to Rose. We’re also going to have SyntheticAudio and captaincreeds joining us as John and Bro respectively. Meanwhile Raine is letting her creative side out with her own version of Disney!Hipster, Merida.

Hope to see you there! 🙂



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