News for Summer/Autumn 2013

Ayacon Apocalypse has been and gone, the last of the best con we have ever been to, sad times. But we’re looking forward to seeing what events succeed it and, of course Auchinawa 2014! As Amecon is not running next year after all, we’re going to try a few  events we’ve never been to (perhaps Hyper Japan? We haven’t decided yet…) before. The first Glasgow Expo was enjoyed by Raine and Zomboi who went, despite the rediculous queues; Pudding has decided to take a break from Expos for the forseeable future due to difficulties with mobility, general health and allergies to their wristbands and handstamps, etc. making it more trouble than it’s worth to attend them (stupid allergies) for the time being.

As for events we’re attending as dealers, well, as you may have noticed, we were not at LFCC 2013 after all, due to work commitments and health issues, we ended up having to pull out of it in May/June time, but we will be going in 2014! The next event we’ll have a stall at is Doki Doki Fesival in Manchester on the 9th of November. We have a few to look forward to in 2014 as well (super organised, lol).

Doki Doki - The Manchester Japanese Festival

The website has a had a bit of a re-vamp today, courtesy of Pudding & we have a fabulous new logo designed by Nickel! (See below.) The media pages are now up-to-date, but our gallery is in need of an overhaul and we have a back-log of pictures from DoJ-Con onwards to deal with and upload to photobucket. Our online/admin team will be working our way through those throughout November and December, so that we start the new year and the 2014 con-season all caught up and ready to go! 🙂




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