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Blood/Sugar Cosplay is a group of Scottish muppets who met at Auchinawa 2006 and have been cosplaying together ever since.

BloodSugar Pudding ID 2014 BloodSugar Raine ID

Pudding is one of our 3 Commissioners &  the Logistics Co-ordinator for Blood/Sugar Cosplay. She has a BDes Hons in Textile Design, specialising in digital surface design & print for fashion. Her main areas of expertise include dye & paint FX, as well as materials sourcing for costumes, props & wigs.

Raine is our 2nd Commissioner and is particularly good at gore FX, pattern cutting and working sewing machines. She is also our Retail Manager & if we were a 90’s boyband, she would be “The Older Brother” or, as we like to call her “Nii-san”.

BloodSugar Zomboi ID BloodSugar Xamd ID

Zomboi‘s special skills as our 3rd Commissioner include props-making, wig styling and paint FX. He is also our Accounts Handler & a very talented Illustrator in training. In a comedy duo Zomboi would be “The Straight Man”, as well as our token male. He can really rock a Grandad sweater.

X’amd became an official member in 2012, she is a make-up goddess and general expert in all things cosmetic. She has a degree in Computer Animation & is both “The Sexy One” & “The Goofy One” in our boyband analogy.

BloodSugar Nickel ID

Nickel became an official member in early 2013 when her status as Morale Wrangler & Cosplay Horse was upgraded to include duties as Administrator for Blood/Sugar Cosplay. She is “The Cutie-Patootie” of the group & is literally made of rainbows & sugar.