What We Do

BloodSugar Banner 2014

From Left to Right:

Blood/Sugar Pudding, Blood/Sugar Raine, Blood/Sugar Zomboi, Blood/Sugar X’amd & Blood/Sugar Nickel!

And we are…


First and foremost we cosplay for fun. It’s a hobby and a passion, but not the be all and end all of life.

Dealers, Designers & Artists

We are perhaps not dealers in the traditional sense: we are not an import company. What we do is recycle and re-purpose; selling off pre-loved costumes and props we have made ourselves (or in some cases commissioned from others), used or unwanted wigs and other memorabilia. Why keep ahold of something you’re never going to use again when someone else could be getting enjoyment out of it? Our motto is “saving the planet, one cosplay at a time!”

Oh, and we hand make non-cosplay jewellery and accessories too because we’re a bunch of creative little so-and-so’s.


We take cosplay, prop, wig and accessory commissions. We always do our best to work with customers to stick within their budget wherever possible. Whilst we are not trained tailors or seamstresses, we do have a valuable range of skills and a number of years’ experience under our belts. Why not get in touch with us at bloodsugarcosplay@gmail.com to ask for a quote? We’ll see what we can create together!

Utter Nerds

We do this because we love it, we’re proud to be geeks and do what we do (mostly prancing about in silly costumes), so if you see any of us about, come and say hi and maybe you’ll turn out to be a Blood Drop or a Sugar Cube!